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Lawrence Northup Jr.
Born in Iowa
58 years
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November 16, 1948
Born in Iowa Ollie on November 16, 1948.
April 1, 2007
Passed away on April 1, 2007 at the age of 58.
February 16, 2008


Larry's family is trying to find anyone who might recognize him while he served in South East Asia and whom might be able to attest that "he did" serve TDY's in Vietnam. He was known then as "Lurch". Please visit this site, you might find your own picture in it.

Thank you.


As it was expected, the St. Petersburg Regional Office once again denied benefits claim. We cannot prove Vietnam, but can prove Okinawa and Thailand which were also exposed to Agent Orange and claim that as well, but  it's being ignored al though there is existing case history. His military medical records and the VA medical records show "ignored and misdiagnosed problems", which to are being ignored. As for the PTSD, Larry once recalled seeing his marine buddy being blown up, the only thing found was a "dog tag". I found  a dog  tag, that was among his personal treasures from the Vietnam days, but all efforts to gain help in finding weather in truth it belong to his friend or not have been in vain. Presently, I'm fighting this continued war by myself as no one will assist me for one reason or another.... I will go to the Supreme Court with this even knowing I will ultimately be denied. Why? Because I believe that weather I come out with the benefits or not, the discrimination and violation of civil rights that still exhists today towards the Vietnam Vets is a disgrace for this Nation! Someone has to fight for them all and for our present and future Hero's so that these injustices will never occur again. Yes, this is a statement of principal, at least  our Government has not been able to take that  from me. In a small and maybe foolish way, yes I'm trying to make a statement, I only leave once, but I would like not have leaved in vain. Perhaps, many of us should also think about how we have become a Nation of having to defend ourselves and fight for what is righfully ours and promised to us. Think about how not only we beg and fight  for medical care, but also have to endure the same with Social Security (Disability), for which we have paid into over the years. Two Federal Government Agencies, who also  double  tax you and

charge you for medical care, that only one has scarcely provided. This is my husband's and I case. I'm sure we are not the only ones in America, but it led me to question certain legal points.

1. Social Security Disability and the VA, should work together and in conjunction of some of the same disabilities.

2. Retirement age and Disability are first of all not decided the same nor should disabled individuals be discriminated again and doubled taxed. Retirement Social Security is just what  it whatever age one retires vs. Social Security Disability is a benefit that occurs at any time in someone's life without fault of their own and has no or should not have any age limitation. In neither case should our Government  tax SOCIAL SECURITY! It's Immoral, unfair and degrading!

3. For Social Security to claim "PAYMENT OF MEDICAL BENEFITS NEVER USED OR PERFORMED" should be illegal. In many cases either  the Social Security or the Veteran Administration "gave the beneficiary the so called medical care". AS it is in our case. Yet , we are now being  taxed for "Medical "supposedly paid to us by Social Security Disability" over a period of 3 years, when it was not given, approved or received in any way. Good or Bad, the VA was the only care my husband received period! I call this fraud, discrimination and violation of our civil rights.

The requested disability was for an original 4 years prior, which were denied as "my husband was not ill enough." After Appeal 1 1/2 year was finally approved Nov.30th, 2006, yet  not paid until Feb.28,2007. Larry died April 1, 2007. I had to pay back Social Security as the law requires. I received a total of $28,340.00 back pay, (made by direct deposit) but being taxed for $41,760.50. This last amount  is to cover: 2005, 2006 and 2007. We paid our taxes on the previous years, Larry never got to use his social security card as he died in the VA hospital, always under  their care as previously stated. Also note that in previous yeas Larry paid deductables with the VA for medicals until 2006 when he was given a whopping 60% disability. I hope some of you readers can do the math on this. I have been disabled for 22 years and am now receiving $544.50 per  month before medical deduction, my husbands surving disability to me is: $454.91 (his original entitlement was $1,147 p.m.). I receive nothing from the VA, but I am receiving the spouse Air Force pension for which I fought over 6 months as he had paid into it for me all these years. I paid his funeral expenses and mine in advance, paid bills, insurances, taxes, medication, utilities, food...but I'm rich according to the Government.

I was  told by the VA that  since I own my own home and cars, I should sell what  I have to support myself. I just had another surgery and need more, if I were to do what  I was told by the VA; would then the Government take care of me until I die? I'm 61 now and have already paid for my cremation, what  a bargain I am.

I hope this update story will help others into looking into to the laws, contact  their politicians and spring some action.

Thank you

November 11, 2009  - A Widow's Opinion

Following all survivor's denials, we are now in the last stage being the VA Appellate Court.  No matter the outcome to prove Agent Orange Exposure, I will continue to fight as I promised my husband to change this unjust and politically motivated (for money), in hopes that the future will be better for many others. What an American Government disgrace! All war time heros should be treated the same. Wheather service was due to direct combat or in support of the same. While I love our military and all Veterans, I do have a special spot for the Vietnam Veterans because for them the war never ended. To date many have died with benefits and medical care denied or barely received. Many others are facing the same fate as you read this with no shame from our Politicians. Veteran's Day means honoring, thanking and maintaining promises to them not one day a year, but all year for the rest of their lives. Government wast and spending is amazing, yet they can ignore and put on the back burner for over 30 years what should be the pride of the Country: Our men and women who sacrificed and gave so much at their expense for others to now enjoy! The Veteran Administration shamelessly continues to act as a God in deciding people's lives.

Yes, we are trying to survive in trying times, our National Debt is fenomenal but...: Creating jobs, putting a stop to Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical companies, car manufacturers and Oil companies self made rules rather then truly and fairly regulated; might establish affordable medical care, utilities reduction, efficient motes of transportation, better education and more jobs! Thus rebuilding our economy and get out of debt in a shorter period of time.

I've researched many of the passed and proposed bills, amazing how so many unimportant ones waist time and money graving on the American Citizens. Giving aid to Foreign Countries, Bailing Out  with bonuses "All those who own Washington", giving Federal Employees raises; especially those who do not perform, as well as passing cost of living for our Political Representative Charade Makers...while Disabled and Elderly pay the price. It adds insult to injury. Shame on you Washington! How can you flourish and look at us while using blood money?;_ylu=X3oDMTEyM2kwZHVlBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDNgRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA0g0NDRfODg-/SIG=139sd0v9b/EXP=1258816080/**http%3a//

October 11, 2010




The Proud family of T/Sgt. Lawrence E. Northup Jr., pays their respects to an American Vietnam Hero. He sadly died at age 58, April 1, 2007 at the Gainesville Veteran Hospital, in Florida.


The many health problems rendered him incapacitated for years. He felt ignored and forgotten by the Government that he had faithfully served. His health complaints were ignored and under minded for years.  Signs of failing health were presentand obvious. He was frustrated and became depressed towards the last. He felt rejected because of his disabilities and the unspoken age discrimination. For his Government he was not “ill” enough, but rather should return to work!  He heard repetedly of the advantages and points system for Disabled Veterans! His work experience, desire to work and impressive education (2 Bachelors, 2 Masters and one Doctorate), did not even generate one interview on over 3,500 applications submitted!

He was obviously not employable! Could it be that the Government is the biggest Discriminator of all?

Larry worked hard and proudly, he grew up in a small farm town in Mid America. He joined the Air Force with only a GED, but managed a career, war, marrying and raising two wonderful boys and achieved a good education. Always trying to be professional and do better, he was a man of many talents.


As many other Veterans in his category, he gave all in his military career and later in civilian life. He was an exceptional husband and father, who thought them not only solid values, honesty and hard work, but also inspired them to follow his example. 


My wonderful husband is already, and will be missed by his friends, co-workers and neighbors. Always generous to a fault, ready to help even when in pain, he always found a smile and never lost his sense of humor.

He had to fight and earn everything in his life! He struggled to receive poverty level pensions. The Social Security saga lasted 4 years, was awarded 1 1/2 and received it 2 months.) The VA pension a 10% ratings, after years of asking for evaluations ended at 60%...but he was paid as single instead as married. As we all know Government never makes mistakes, thus in May 2006 his spouse was recognized. Of course VA does not repay their mistakes! No retroactive pay...

Larry always lived with dignity despite the grave health problems and miger income. Most of the perosonal savings were consumed to survive, daily bills and out of pocket medical costs. His wife had been 100% disabled and recognized so since 1987.


Larry’s love and commitment to his Country was infinite and would have fought for it and served it, at any time and in any way he was needed or could be useful.

Truly, an exceptional man that I wish everybody had or could have known. He asked little for himself, but gave allot to anyone who asked for it, and even to those who did not!


Family was the most important part of his life, and showed it daily. A proud man who never wanted to put Dr. Lawrence E. Northup Jr. in front of his name. He always said he accomplished it for himself, not to impress others.


Larry spent 20 years and 4 days in the US AIR FORCE; he had joined in 1968 at 17 years old.

His twenty years of continuous Military Service was spent mostly oversea. He was in South East Asia, Okinawa, Thailand and the "unproven Vietnam," Italy, Germany, Guam, Japan, Philippines and here in his loved United States of America.


Following Boot Camp, his first Tour of Duty was in Okinawa 1970 to 1973 and Thailand 1974 to 1975.

While in South East Asia, he was recruited several times for TDY's by Air America/CIA in support of other missions.  Red Horse and Triple Nickel were very familiar to him.

He drove and fixed heavy equipment vehicles including fire trucks  for the Air Force and even served in the Air Police at least in one mission. He Drove up and down A-1 in Vietnam hauling who knows what. He obeyed and never asked questions, worked long hours and even manufactured parts when none were available, the job needed to be done!  He was the NCOIC in Small Arms were he had also cross-trained later in his career, in Mountain Home, ID and in Albuquerque, NM.


Sadly, his story reflects and fits that of many others who were called to serve their Country. These soldiers proudly and with honor performed without questions and went beyond the call of duty. Often recruited on covert operations with no orders, Lawrence as too many others paid the price twice: Once During Active Duty and upon their return home. Later forgotten when the illnesses set in due to Chemical Exposures.


His medical history though ignored or perhaps missdiagnosed goes back to Okinawa with "chest pains". Depressions through the years and bad sleeping habits ( including night mares of which I can attest) indicative of PTSD were ignored. The heart problems presented themselves again and again while on Active Duty but disregarded. Following retirement more hearth attacks with a final death treatening quadruple and valve repair done in 2001. Sleep Apnea was also diagnosed through the years, (while on active duty) but took me, his wife an additional 3 years and calls to Washington to have it addressed. He slept with the machine. We finally thought the worse was over, when in November, 2006 we went to the VA Hospitals Emergency. He was being violently sick with vomiting and tremendous headaches. On the first two visits over a perios of 1 week, he was diagnosed with sinusites and bladder infection. Although, I am not a medical person I could see that it was much more serious then that. We finally obtained a CT Scan and were told that Larry had Stage 4 Terminal Cancer! One to Two months of life they said! WE were told that this of uncurable and agressive cancer developed and spread in just two to three weeks. Hard to believe!!! What happened to stages 1,2 and 3? None of the doctors would give satisfactory answers on why it was not found earlier. From November 2006 to April 1, 2007, yes the VA Hospital gave him good care, unfortunately all previous care caused the inevitable and could never be undone.

To date Vets are unable to prove their presence in this combat zone, Vietnam! They should not have to, as the Government knows all and won't tell!

Much research has been done regarding areas of heavy spraying, including the amounts not only in South East Asia but also here in our United States.

Unfortunately much of the General American Public is unaware of these facts as they are well hidden.

Exposure symptoms for many develops through years of health signals too often ignored by the medical profession. Veterans lack of proper medical diagnoses, specialized staff, instruments and beds complicates the situation. Our Government continuously tells us how much it cares for the Soldiers, but Actions speak Louder then Words! So about it Senate and Congress? Veteran Hospital Funds are always being cut to save money, very Patriotic! You in Washington, by cutting the most needed programs, you are cutting the heart of America!


The Soldier’s medical deductions continue to rise as we now see happening in Tricare, Social Security and for some in the VA Health System.


When Vets need medical attention and pension benefits they are met with lengthy waiting periods, then denials! Appeals take yet years, perhaps in hope that the Vets will die and no monies will be spent.  The stress and tribulations are many even when sick and critical resulting in many people giving up as they are reduced to “Begging.”  If a Vet dies, the family has to restart the process. why? These are earned benefits promised by our Government for life sacrifices.

Is it not enough giving your life for your Country in Enemy Territory during combat? Why must a Soldier be made to beg for help, if by the Grace of God he returns home? Are they just to be used immediately when needed, then forgotten and thrown to the wolves?


There are many Veterans still in South East Asia who have never been brought home, thus allowing their families closure. Too many are still homeless or barely scraping the bottom of the barrel.  How can we fight terrorism when we cannot care for our own? Both the military and the government fail to inform the soldiers and their families as to what really happens when and if they do return home. Little or no information is given to the General Public regarding anything dealing with the military, believe me it is much different then the outside world.


Do soldiers know before hand what they might face in the future? No, they are told join and see the world.

Why are these brave soldiers not warned and told that, risking their life in Enemy Territory while in combat is only the beginning? Lawrence and many others have only received Ingratitude, disrespect and insults! Vietnam Vets, to date have endured being spitted on, urinated on, feces thrown at them, called “Baby Killers”, War Losers, EXPOSED TO AGENT ORANGE most develops PTSD and Heart Problems.

Soldiers and their families endure much sacrifice, physical and mental pain, economical and ultimately great sorrow. There are enough medical researches around to substatiate the claims but VA rather ignore it.


Will our Government ever make it right for those who died and are dying?


Government still ignores and avoids the Vietnam Era. Exposure to chemicals of this nature casually connected to their Military Service manifest them and destroys one’s life in many ways. Why has it been and still is hush, hush by our Government? Why have the Soldiers of this particular Era of War been singled out and denied what they were promised? Are not all soldiers Hero’s and Patriots, no matter which period of War?

Are their sacrifices, love and dedication to our Country not as meritorious as others were before them who gave their life for our Freedom? The Government Thank you to these Soldiers are very overdue! Are Politicians not Americans?


It is time the Government (Elected Politicians); make this grave wrong…Right.

If our Politicians do not stop delaying and keep ignoring these Special, brave soldiers, and their families: What can the NOW hero’s expect when returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan?

Will it be a continuation or a worse scenario in history for the glory of our Nation?


Neither the Vietnam War nor the Iraq War were wanted by most of the American People. It was and is, in my opinion a decision that benefited and still does benefit only those who want to capitalize without regard for Human Life.


This wonderful still young and much loved husband, father, friend and Hero will never be able to enjoy "a little quality life, nor ever see the birth or his grandchildren!"


Many have already died through the years. Too many are now awaiting the same fate as my husband. The Vietnam Era should have thought us something, but apparently, not enough as the Vets of Iraq and Afghanistan show already signs of the system and laws worsening. Present scandals should be a strong warning for all Americans to unite and say “Enough is enough”, Politicians do your job!" If you can't take care of us, then resign so we can elect someone who can and will.

Lawrence E. Northup Jr., is just one statistic of the untold stories! Many other heroes’ are presently awaiting the same fate and disregard.


Shamefully and disgracefully, our Government continues to ignore and wrongfully deny benefits to these Vets and their families who are entitled to it. Better, give it to the illegal workers. I now ask, “Who are the real Americans here?”

These soldiers have been doubly betrayed:  Used in “unlawful” covert operations to finance wars (with arms & drugs as referenced in the library of congress and other reliable sources).

What an Ungrateful Nation! Those who have been elected should take notice of the present climate in America regarding this grave situation and do “their” duty. America is your priority and the reason you are in Washington!


Vietnam Vets exposure to Agent Orange is a reality that you have been hiding! More and more people are becoming aware of it.  It is now time for all "honest Politicians" to come to the aid of their Countrymen."

There are many supporting Veterans organizations in America today, but onle one that I know of, welcomes back, assists and give medals of honor to Vietnam War Veteran hero’s for exposure to Agent Orange: The ORDER OF THE SILVER ROSE. Perhaps, a gesture not recognized by Government, it's importance stands on the symbolism that it represents. Having to do yourself Vets, what shameful Government! Past and present Presidents of either party owe all of our Vietnam Vets a big “Thank” you and to truly appreciate their valor and sacrifice. Stop humiliating, insulting, disregarding, forgetting and making them beg for what they earned. Otherwise, Washington you fight your own wars and earn your own freedom.



A Loving wife and an activist for Pro-Vietnam Vet



November 11, 2010

Belated Happy Veteran's Day

to you and dad.


My darling, as promised to you before you left me; I'm still fighting the VA for justice on your behalf. Our case was remanded on 05/12/2010, yes it was better then being totally denied but...according to the VA rules when a case is remanded it should also be expedited for resolution, so much for that! What's worse in these fights with the system is the injustice and predjudice that still exists 30 yeas later. No matter you can count on me that whatever the outcome is, I will continue fighting with hope that we can all put the Vietnam Era to rest once and for all.

If only the rules were govern by common sense and regard for lives it would have been resolved for us and others to come. Requirements of proof that are impossible and not obtainable with lack of judgement or experience by those deciding cases. It is time that the VA prove to us their rules, reasoning and contentensions. You could still be alive if the military would have truly analyzed your medical conditions rather then going by how you physically looked to them at the time. You began suffering with so many things at age 20 and through the years other conditions developed. The VA which has always been regarded as the best Medical model for the US to follow now doesn't seem to trust their own doctors...(well neither did we in your last year of life), worse now rather then admit they made mistakes in diagnosis and care, they require Veterans to get costly Medical Opinions from Civilian Doctors. It does not say much for their improvements in medical care. I found that in all my medical research, all your medical problems were connected! The only factor is what came first and what caused the others. Everything still concentrates around Agent Orange as means to deny claims, yet the total medial history (what was not burned or destroyed) should speak for itself and tell the story. Certainly your jobs and exposures in the service did not help, thus at best being causually connected as for many others like us.

I know how much you suffered through the years, like you dad before you and neither of you were believed or appreciated for your never ending suffering and sacrifices.

As always, I love you and will continue fighting for you. Ciao Amore

October 15, 2011
What is America Today   (A story that never changes after 40 years, actually gets worse)
We have reverted back to slavery, more apathy and lost the pride of being Americans.
The People are getting poorer and poorer and we are led by Career Politicians with only one thing in mind: Power and Money for themselves and their cronies!
No one listens to the needs of the people, nor do they act to better the conditions in place now and return America to the Country that we loved and were proud of. The world envied us and everyone wanted to come here; now I for one would just like to leave it!
Each Legislation that reigned for the last 40 years has taken more and more from our Constitution, pride, believes and honor. Patriotism? Its only for the Military people, Veterans and all their families. Oh yes, there are a few that still believe in God, Family and Country; but not enough to change current events.
I've tried to fight for the benefits that my husband earned with his sacrifice in protecting your Country. Both my husband and my dad died without any thank you's from their Government. Both suffered much pain and died young, but today, but according to the Government there was nothing wrong with them and the service didn't cause it.
I'm glad that neither of them are here to see what is happening. Our Government over the last 12 years has caused a worldwide depression that will take 50 years to come out of. (For those still around and willing to fight to make things right!)
From 1988 to 2007 Lawrence tried to let his Government know how sick he really was and that he needed proper medical care, which of course you did not get and was continuously DENIED!
When he died as promised I took over  and am still fighting to get what is just and way overdue. After 4 (four) denials on the DIC pension and all the while knocking " repeatedly at the doors of our Florida politicians whose' responsibility is to help us when asked, nothing happened has been resolved. In fact today, I received yet another letter from Congressman Stearns reciting the usual over almost 2 (two) years: "The Requirements for additional development were done and the appeal is ready for review."
So once more like many other Government victims, I like to know: Who makes the laws and why are they not being enforced? Apparently Veterans Affairs make their own laws and although they were established to care for the Veterans in every way possible; they are busy spending tax payers money to save money for their bonuses making Veterans and Survivors life time victims!
True to being politicians they only have time they remember the people is at voting time (like now) gathering donations for their lousy campaigns to secure their life time placement and promise everything to secure the votes, then immediately develop amnesia!
 Writing the Presidents passed and present gets the same results as they got to the highest office excelling singing: "Promises, Promises"
I appealed the case over two years ago, I had found a lawyer, an ex-military no less, who talks a good story, but it's less visible then a ghost. I had to file my own appeal and finally the Veterans Board of Appeals responded by Remanding the case back to the less then honorable St. Petersburg Office in  Florida.
St. Petersburg who has already established a less then honorable reputation and who claims to be following the laws (there own that is, to make and break at will); with out batting an eye will tell you that: Once a case has been remanded it gets priority and  should be resolved within no more then 90 days!  We of course know that rules and regulation are only for the general public!
Government Employees exempt themselves from rules and give themselves all the denied benefits  to those who earned them with their lives. When you contact the mighty VA, believe me, you get no response and if you do on rare occasions... No cooperation.
Government and their employees respond positively to those supporters who give generously  and gifts incentives. Who are they?  Insurance Companies, Special Interest Groups, Credit Card companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Banks,  auto manufacturers, oil companies, wall street, etc., etc. 
Min while there are over a million Veterans and Survivors in my same situation who struggle to get food, medication, a job and a home. Too many Vietnam Veterans are still homeless 40 years later.
Our proud and efficient Government is awaiting our deaths so money can be saved for their pet projects, wants or needs.
By the way it's time to vote again! Although we have a super huge deficit and nothing can be done for Americans  and we are rather forced to pick up "THEIR BILLS AND SCREW UPS"; prices are going up every day as utilities, food, medications and our fantastic American Health coverage is reduced to what we are: Poor citizens with poor medical coverage!
President Kennedy once said: It is not what you Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country. Then it was right, today we need to reverse that line.
Do not fear though, the busy, dedicated men and women in politics have themselves covered in everything including human control. We have no privacy, no liberty and no recourse.
They ( The Politicians) have already raised millions for their personal campaigns. Unbelievable! I've yet to see their Patriotism and Love for our Country. And we call them  "Public Servants".  All those millions collected for campaigns could be best used to reduce the National deficit and "They" should take a minimum of 30% cut in their pay and benefits to help rebuild our economy and create jobs.
Oh well, guess I'm an idealistic American who believes that we should all give what we can to help within our miserable means.
Unfortunately for those so called Leaders, only another American Revolution will cure
Their greed and power disease. No money from us, no fighting their battles, wonder if being alone out there would get their attention.
My health and age are precipitating, so I won't be here to see what happens, but I do pray that our younger generation can clean up  this mess and restore America to what it once was.
Thank you for reading this.
April 1, 2012
The Northup Saga from 1968 to 2012
The Vietnam Saga Continues
After 48 years serving your loved American Government the Vietnam Saga continues without notable changes, while the discrimination continues and promised benefits continue to be denied! Is this the meaning of Patriotism and Appreciation? Why is it that there are still over a million Vets and survivors on back log still waiting more denials which take on average from 5 to 30 years. Where is the justice in saying thank you to those who protected us until now?
You fought for a very unpopular war, many of you have died and others are awaiting to join you this senseless wars continue without benefits nor a chance to put it to rest once and for all.
Administrations have come and gone, all proclaim Democracy, none of them will take responsibility for "their mistakes"! Lack of humanity, justice and Americanism. Weather Vietnam Veterans died at home do to Agent Orange or by existing Military Medical records that were either ignored or under estimated thus resulting in medical complications over the years; the results are the same no connections are being made. "The Mighty Veteran Administration forgets why they were established in the first place. What are present and past law makers doing to correct this? Why haven't the laws been changed and why are they just hiring more experts idtiots to "expedite the process that is still in the dark age stage?"
  The name of the game is money, but for whom? Not for the deserving ones obviously. Doesn't the VA and law makers realize that their enjoyng blood money?
I find joy nor disrespect towards my beloved Veterans by not celebrating that day. The law makers go through a few hours of proforma, then forget those hero's the rest of the year. The Heros of our Country should be celebrated in every way by giving them what they need the whole year and for the rest of their lives. That is what America is all about. Like many others I want to see true Patriotism reing again in America.
It will truly have a meaning when all Veterans and Survivors will be regarded as equals with the outmost respect and gratitude that they were never given.
Some of our Veteran friends and families have waited in pain and with disregard for over 30 years and the today's heros will have it worse if Americans across the board do not make their voices heard! 

You my husband have waited from 1988 to April 1, 2007 for your Country to say Thank you and appreciate your suffering and pain. As you requested me to take over your case, I've fought it from April, 2007 and I'm still fighting it. As I promised you, I will continue until I have a breath. It does not matter if on your behalf I will ever come out with a positive finding or not, the important thing is making the difference as you always said.
Your Heart disease, Sleep Apnea, back injuries and PTSD begin while in Okinawa on active duty, it's in your military medical records that were always ignored. We learned of your cancers in 2006, though VA had already noted a change in your lung (before it spread), when you had the quadruple bypass and valve repair in March 2001. It was ignored and that offle disease spread until we learned about it in November, were gone on April 1, 2007. Your military records
have many mistakes: Some have our son's name with all of your information. Strangely, he was to young at the time to have been in the military e also never served. My name was misspelled on some records, some records whowed us as having 3 children, when we only had two. Although during your service you earned 2 Baechelors and 2 Masters and later a Doctorate, you show has having only a GED. No matter how many times we tried to get them corrected...It's never happend yet! When you retired in July 1988, DOD gave you 10% disability for your two back injuries, of which we found out in May, 2006 your pension was given to you as single! Of course, only Veterans have to prove everything and when mistakes occur, they have to pay back immediately. This Democratic Republic that we are so proud of, also has a different set of rules when the mistakes are theirs! Yep, they do not make ammence, say sorry and payback. They do not have to, they...Are the Governent!
Just for laughs, think about how the process does work: One you have been to the BVA and your case is remanded, it then supposed be have priority over other cases with decisions within 30 to 90 days. Well, I've been there and I can tell you that it's been over 3 years and I'm still waiting. Yes, I know, I expect another denial, but one can hope right? Maybe some of these judges, will feel the responsibility to actually read the medical records and miilitary records once corrected?

Scandals by the Veteran Administration are daily all over the Country,  though they do not even seem to get a slap on the wrist for it. St. Petersburg, FL, is considered one of the 5 worse Regional Offices in our Country. Congratulations St. Petersburg! Nice going.

Our fine Career Politicians and Presidents continue to ignore the needs of the people, to add insult to injury...they ignore the majority of the population.
Bribaries, Embezzelments, Sex scandals, Law breakings, selling us out to the highest bidders is running rampant, Bail Outs continue for those "Special People", Millionairs don't have to pay taxes like us all, wrong wars are being fought as money makers, without regard for human lives and Americans financial sacrifices, but the best excuse of all is: We are in serious recession (did we did not cause), so sacrifices must be made. Raise taxes, cut benefits on the poor and disabled, raise medical costs and deductions, always very careful in so doing to exempt themselves in all their gainful areas.

So here we are today with yet another political campaign that turns my stomach with the amount of money they are spending to seminate more BS through America, without ever a thought to set an amount for all candidates and use the money for just causes. Yes, I know that would not be a corporate move to think of the pions who suffer. We still have more and more Veterans who are homeless, soldiers to come home to no more homes and jobs and reduced benefits. We no longer have rights nor a middle class in America. We are mostly poor and the elite are wealthy. Now that's Democracy for you.

March 18, 2013
My darling, our saga to obtain your meritorius and earned benefits is still on going.
As I promised you I would fight until I die to vendicate your premature death and the shaneful behavior and carelessness our Governmet has had toward you and all the other Vientnam Veterans like you for whom the war never ended.
As you would understand, lives and laws mean nothing to Washington and gang, "Money" is the name of the game". Laws are made to be broken at their will.
I've appealed our case which was Remanded back to the St. Petersburg Regional Office and whom as always once again DENIED IT. St. Pete is still holding the case and never send it back to my knowledge to the Appeal's Court, which should they to deny it would only leave me the Supreme Court and the Media. The laws governing the VA say that when on Remand the case gets priority and should be decided in 30 to 90 days! That should be the law...but our Government has allowed it to go on over 3 years now sitting on remand in Florida. Unfortunately, none of you heros ask for that useless and sad war, but as usual our Leaders show no responsibility and more than that no PATRIOTISM! Oh yes, they are quick to preach Democracy all over the worlk, but cannot apply it in the Country they sworn to protect and defend. The back claims are now over a million despite all the money spent on new technology, hiring useless evaluators and judges, spending tax dollars for bonuses and party...anything but taking care with conscience the Veterans.
A few years back New Zeland apologized to their Vietnam Vets and made things right by them, unfortunately the new American Republic is deaf and mute regarding this subject. The new troops are not getting any better deal, in fact it's getting worse for them. everything gets cut, except the politicians pays, bonuses, and benefits. It's like being in a foreign hostile Country within our own Country!
I'll keep trying my love, but I must tell you I'm not making any friends nor do any of the politicians give me support. I was told I was not humble enough for something they promise to give you guys and gals in exchange for you giving your lives for your Country. Career politicians should all be put on the street with no benefits and having to pay their own Social Security, taxes and insurances.
We need new and honest blood who understands and upkeeps the values we believed in. "God, Country and Family:. I love you still and miss you so much, if the Governmet would have listened and followed you health problems I would not be writing this and have this memorial site. God Bless us all.
Your devoted widow. Maura
July 24, 2013
Hello My Love,
I'm in Italy and you are here with me at least in spirit. Today, I've updated the pictures of our children and of our beautiful grandchild Adriana.
No news on the Veteran's pension, as you asked me I'm still fighting for what you were never given while you were alive. I doubt that something will ever come of it....but as I promised you I'm still trying. I've now been on remand for over 3 years and not getting any younger! This is taking a toll on me to dear, our Government forgets those who sacrificed to keep them safe here at home. I know I will eventually be denied again, but I will take it to the Supreme Court should I still be alive at that time. As you know I to have many problems with health and have been disabled for over 38 years and even then our Government was not there for us. We fought for everything, my disability that took 11 years, later I fought for yours and you got it after I took it to the Supreme Court, only that you were already to sick and was going fast to even understand when I showed you the papers on it. Money is always the issue for Government, they find it when it's convenient for them on their issues, but the Military, the Veterans as well as Social Security Americans are last and always paying the price for everything. You, Dad and Mom won't like this new America, it's not the America we loved and fought for. The Military has been cut down to shreads, the new Veterans have to fight for allot less then you were all promised. We are being spied upon by the Government, keep loosing more and more rights...
Prices on everything essential have gone up, the only ones making money are now the Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical gangs, the Banks, the Oil companies and just about those with personal iterests.
Thank God for our memories of freedom and justice.
I'm tired of this happenings but until I have a breath I will fight. You know me.
Love you always,
February 14, 2014
Hapy Valentine dear heart. As you requested of me, I'm still fighting for your benefits. I took over for you the 16th of April, 2007, after all the denials I appealed the case and in 2009, the judge remanded it back to the Regional Office in St. Petersbrurg, FL. Strange how the laws keep on changing depending on who are they supposed to serve... Remands suppose to expedite a decision within 30 to 90 days. Our Government still does little for all of our Veterans and their Survivors. The new troops are coming out even worse as time goes by.
I wrote to everyone dear, the President, oh yes the new one that is, Mr. Obama who sent the letter I wrote him to the Regional Office I was complaining against, but that was a year ago. You would laugh if it wasn't so sad...the Regional Office called me and sent me a letter this month saying they just received the letter. Strange that I was notified almost a year ago that the President had sent it to them. I wrote to the Secretary of the Veterans Administration, the Chairmain of the of the Veteran Commision in Washington, all of Florida politicians but no one seem to be interested that I've provided boxes and boxes of records, plus medical findings in relation to your Heart, Sleep Apnea, PTSD, multiple cancers etc, etc. Va is not to interested min actually looking at your medical records and analyzed them accordingly to locations you served in, jobs you did and how you were also missdiagnosed more then once. No one wants to look at the truth, but they all want to sweep it under the rug! Don't worry my love, for you and all of the others who have gotten a rotten "Thank You from their Governmet", I will continue as long as I'm alive to fight this battle.  I plan to Appeal it to the Supreme Court, if that fails, I'll go to the International Court and it that faiils and I'm still around I will spread the story and documentation all over the Internet. As you know when I believe we are right, I will fight.
Your grandaughter just turned 2 years old on the 2nd of February. You would love her and she would be crazy about you. She is smart, charming and always smiling.
As always, I love you and pray God the truth will be known. You suffered so much and served with love and dedication for 20 years.
Thank you and all of our Veterans for their service, many of us will never forget you or stop saying thank you.
Ciao Amore Mio, Adriana and I wish you Happy Valentine
June 28, 2014
The Real America, Please stand up!
We've been dominated for years by our two political parties and their actions show well in how they conduct the affairs of our Country. Our National Debt is astrononical and continues to rise though no improvement has been shown to the American people who continue to get taxed to death, loose jobs and homes, and the poor and needy get more cuts on their benefits. While the spending on wars, aiding enemies continues "We pay" more then one way. I see no common sense, nor true wants to improve America and put it back on the world's map. For years the dollar has been the world monitary trading symbol, why then hasn't anyone realized that with the dollar now being worthless and a currency that no one wants is further destroying Americans abroad, including our Service people and perhaps, them the most.
We are asked continuously to make sacrifices (which are usually imposed on us), when we show our disagreements with political decisions we are ignored... Why haven't Federal Employees pays reduceds as ours? Why haven't worthless Federal Programs been cut or done away with? God knows there has been enough publicity on frauds and wrong doings by Government Agencies and Federal Employees... Too much to hope that justice would be done? Yes, definately. Everything that surfice is immediately made to disappear or put on the back burner with promises that will never be kept, as an example the Veteran Administration who has for over 40 years gotten away with literally murder.
So now I repeat the old story of this particular Veteran who died prematurely and wrongly without yet satisfaction of justice not even for his family. Oh yes, I wrote to everyone with facts including our President, Senators, Congressmen and Inspectors but here we are me and my lost loved husband still waiting...
Case based on a 20 year service Air Force Veteran who entered the service in July, 1988 and retired with multiple problems in July 1988. He went in at 17 years old and died at the Gainesville, FL Veteran Hospital at the age of 58 on April 1, 2007. This case has been un going from 1988 to 1 April, 2007when the Survivor Spouse took over and is still gong after being on Remand for 4 years.
Short summation of case: The Veteran Northup served in South East Asia; Kadena, Okinawa from 1970=1973 and in U-Tapao, Thailand from 1974-1975, he had many TDY's undocumented into Vietnam. While in Okinawa he began having Hypertension and anxiety attacks. He had 3 back injuries for which DOD gave him 10% disability at retirement. His medical problems grew while in service and continued after he became a Veteran until he died. His records show clearly that he also had pneumonia 4 times while in South East Asia. Sleep Apnea was noted in his military medical records yet was never addressed but instead ha surgeries for deviated septum which was not the problem as it took until 2006 to demonstrate. He was not only in South East Asia where he also was diagnosed with Malaria after he returned from Pakistan where he was sent TDY without being treated prior to departure. The heart problems grew and through the years had several heart attacks which later resulted not only in stints but a quadruple bypass with valve repair in 2001. He suffered from PTSD as found by both the Social Security and the Veteran Administration and though he was declared 100% disabled by the Social Security he was always denied by VA, though he attended their classes until he died. My husband, Lawrence E. Northup Jr., was a tall man who looked healthy and no one wanted to address his many complaints, and when they did they were misdiagnosed. Soon after retirement, he worked briefly for the Veteran Administration in medical records from where he was red lined upon living the department.
As his medical problems grew and for which no one took into consideration his jobs in the Air Force; as a mechanic of heavy equipment first, specialty with fire trucks which he serviced for years on the flight lines, to driver of heavy equipment and later on became NCOIC of the Small Range both in Mt. Home, ID and Kirtland AFB, NM. He was also stationed in other bases that were contaminated as per Government findings still ignored by the VA. We all know that even without being able to prove "foot in Vietnam" though at best he landed while the planes refueled to and from the US, it is a fact recognized now that Okinawa and Thailand were exposed to Agent Orange. Strangely, our eldest son was born in Guam, where I was staying with my father stationed there and where my husband came in on TDY's.
He began requesting re-evaluations of his problems such as his back, heart, PTSD way before we learned he had multiple cancers, which of course resulted always in denials!
In 2006, I contacted the then Secretary of the VA about his Sleep Apnea that the VA kept denying to test with many excuses. Secretary Principi got him an immediate appointment and the result was positive and was given a machine to breath with. We all know the medical connection between sleep Apnea and the Heart.
In May 2006 he was then given 50% disability for the Sleep Apnea making his total disability 60%. Which was promptly taken away the day he died!
'The day before Veterans Day 2006, I took him Emergency to the Lake City VA Hospital has he was extremely sick and vomiting continuously and could not even talk or think, no less eat or drink, thus he could not even take his heart medications. That day he was diagnosed with "Sinusitis", given suppositories and sent home while still vomiting.
He got worse that day and complained that his head needed to be cut off...I then took him immediately to the Gainesville VA, it was Veterans Day 2006. He was still vomiting and had to have a basket while sitting and walking... The Hospital was full in the emergency and in the waiting area, complete with stretchers, I was able to get him in immediately because he was a heart patient and in that state. The employees were watching a ball game and partying while patients awaited immediate attention. I was then told by the nurse in charge that they agreed with Lake City and that he had Sinusitis, then she told me that this was a holiday and that they did not intend to baby sit my husband and discharged him while still vomiting and weaker then ever! I got really mad and told then that Veterans Day was to honor the Veterans and not the employees, that my husband did not have Sinusitis, but that I did for years and never got that sick. I also told them that I would then take him across the street to the Shands Hospital and then sue them!
At this point they told me that they expected me to then go back to Lake City and have his seen by a doctor there (It was now 11 PM and we had been there all day, I'm 100% disabled, weigh 98 lb and am 4'10 tall. My husband was 6'1 and weighed about 220 lb.) I wanted my husband helped now! In a few days on the 16th of November he would be 58 years old. When I got him to Lake City I was lucky to find a Vietnamese doctor who was very caring and concerned. He asked my husband questions but by then he could not answer, so I answered for him. He was asked if he had been to Vietnam. I said yes at least 4 times but it could not be proven. He then immediately took him for testing and hours later came back and told me that: "Being generous mam, he has about 2 to 4 months. We found multiple cancers which seem to have originated in the lung (previously seen in 2001 upon being discharged following his quadruple bypass and valve repair) The cancers had spread and it was now on 3 areas of his brain and had also gone to the kidney. He also told me he needed to be immediately transported back to the Gainesville Hospital where they were equipped for his condition.
Sirs, I'm angry and I think with right as in only a few days of having him diagnosed with Sinusitis, it was instead deadly cancer! Worse, if following his heart surgery 5 years prior the change in the lung would have been addressed, there is a good chance that the cancer could have been removed from the lung and he could have lived with the one remaining.
Instead my whole nightmare was never to end but rather got worse. The VA declared war on me with all kinds of things they have done which are too many and too long to explain here, but it includes: Immediately taking his 50% disability for the Sleep Apnea away upon his death, closing immediately his open Agent Orange Claim, denying me first with doing an autopsy as not possible at VA, then by lying that they did and refusing to even give me a copy of my original request filled out the night he died on April 1,2007 at the VA Hospital in Gainesville in front of my son Lawrence Steven, his wife Kelle, the nurses and by standards.
I had to fight to get my husband funeral honors, I had to pay for a good part of his burial, (VA knew he wanted to be cremated), and sent me the so called autopsy report over 130 days later that does not address at all "small cells' or other things that were specified on the request for Agent Orange. The Autopsy of which I have a copy and never received the second portion on the psychological, looks and has the exact information given on the Death Certificate! I was also told that I could not be buried with him because I was not in the Service, thus my husband is still in the box with me at home.
I received no help or assistance of any kind from the Veteran Administration, in fact I was made to open my own claim not once but 4 times with of course the appropriate denials to date. Even the Remand has been denied but I will not stop telling this story that shames America and fully knowing that there are many others like me and even worse that have been railroaded and now have died without justice.
Oh yes, I must tell you that months after my husband passed, the Regional Office saw that I would get 10% of my husband's original 10% disability entitlements, which is now a whopping $198 per month and for which I am continuously being reminded that it can be taken away at any time. Evidently VA needs the money more then I do!
I still have my self respect. Thank you...

P.S. Before reporting this, I checked the case status that was sent again from the Regional Office to the Board of Appeals as an answer to the original Remand...Still nothing has come back. What happened to technology and modern times? Hoops, sorry this is the way VA operates: Deny t'ill you die.